Sunday, June 10, 2007

OpenBSD on Sun E450

Well I guess assuming and a quarter will buy you a used cup of coffee & trouble at Pawn America. Back in April when I installed OpenBSD4.0 I found liked its' minimalist footprint even though there were issues getting the latest X11 to work with the Raptor GFX card and the SBUS. That was okay but finding out that there is no multiprocessor support for the Sparc platform was a little bit of a downer. I guess I won't being using the E450 as a test box for work.

Cycling on West River Parkway

As a cyclist there are somethings that you notice right away when you ride and others that you notice after pedaling for hours such as a sore ass and feet. Other things you will feel right away such as your seat being too high, or that oh-so-squishy, sluggish feeling that you get when the rear tire starts to go flat. One of the things that you can feel very quickly is the state of the road.

Earlier this week we rode on West River Parkway and I will have to say it could have been better. Though West River is a nice trail to walk on with its' beautiful view of the Mississippi, without the trucks and coppers with itchy ticket fingers it can be fairly quiet so I can listen to the iPod at low volume it. However it was a fucking pain to ride because of all the cracks in the bike lane. Every 5 seconds I would ride over another bump which would make the Bianchi shake. Not only was the lock in my saddle bag banging merrily away but the whenever the surface is rugged I worry about getting a flat in my high pressure tires.

Hopefully I will remember this next time I have to ride there.