Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Kaddish While I Cling

Tonight god is a DJ
mixing cords for a jumping horde.
in the land of strobe lights and fog
worshippers moving their hands to lift this.

Tonight god is a DJ who understands the music of spheres.
he improvises with the zeitgeist of our times.
preparing us for the age of spiritual machines.
programmers make a database of dreams
I need an algorithm to quantify sorrow.

Tonight god is a DJ wearing a thousand faces.
He went on a journey to bring us insan kamil
so we bop our heads to the rhythm of the collective unconscious.

Tonight god is a DJ whose rites led death to spring forth
as we render the flesh and sing.
about the imperative of categories

Tonight god is a DJ who embraces my loving paraclete,
who is a true solider of arete.
Reality, expediency's favourite whore
plays the triangle like a mercenary
so that I can dance for tips from
the motorcade of generosity.

Last night the DJ saved my life.
He synchronized it with terminal strife
Tonight I dance to the beat in my blood.
Tonight I hang my head celebrating sorrow.

Tonight god is a DJ
next door they play 300 variations of kama sutra
I listen to a song about sunflowers from a
long dead, aspiring, gay, bodhisattva.

Tonight god is a DJ who named his synthesizer a clockwork orange.
The crowd chants "Abraxas to that!"
Last night Kelly and I did verse , right now I think of my exwife
and our failed universe.

Listen o muse and sing about the body electric.
A timeless song about the triumph death wins.
I cling to the kaddish of researching
unknown worshippers of Samash
Better men were drive to dipsomania from dealing with life's mundania.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Its That Of Vim Buffer Foliding Command Trick

:bn - goto next buffer
:bp - goto previous buffer
-PgUp - goto next buffer
-PgDn - goto next buffer

:tabe - open a tab before this one.
:tabc - close current tab
:tabo - close other tabs
gt - switches to next tab
gT - switch to previous tab

za - toggle current fold closed or open
zr - open one folding level
zm - close one folding level
zM - close all folds
zO - open all folds


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fairly Rare Books I Want to Buy

Every now and then find out some novel or work of history that The Manuscript Found in Saragossa

The Panchatantra



A Legend of Old Egypt

Anything I can get by Albert Robida

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Replacing Vim Special Characters

I wrote my first LaTeX macro today which makes some things much easier and prettier. As I was cleaning up my files I needed to substitue a string with the command \spath{}. Well vim did not put the "\" since its an special charater for the substitue function.
Five minutes of searching and I learned that to escape these special chars use the \\. So typing


Made the change. Thank you internet machine!

Monday, January 17, 2011

All True Nigerians Like Pepper

Especially with chillies in them. But no true Nigerian likes to get chilly weather.

Friday, January 14, 2011

China Vs USA

via Battlepanda

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holy Fliberty Gibbet!

Every time I see this video I think it needs to be washed down with Brughel's Triumph Of Death as a chaser.  If every song brought out the same emotions in me as Carmina Burana does and every picture triggered the same thoughts as The Hanging Tree I think I would sleep with both eyes open and have dreams that consist of me seeing the word WOW! with every heartbeat.  Fortunately most art is weak tea not 100 proof caffeine crystals   This is truly the best of all possible worlds.

It was because of *ish like this I used to be up till 2 am watching the AARTS channel. Astound Cable of St Cloud you ruined me for other television.

Kicking And Pushing

One of the things that I like about Mr. Fiasco is that in a number of songs with a few words he is able to conjure an image that describes the activities and passions that go with doing something that you love.  I have never skateboarded but have known people do skateboard.  Like most athletes they have a strong emotional need that they meet by skateboarding and of course there is feedback from doing it more.

I've always liked both versions of Kick Push and finally found a link to the official video.  Right now in my life I am back to kicking and pushing, hoping that next year there will be opportunities to coast every now and then.  Unfortunately they do not allow embedding of the video.