Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Kaddish While I Cling

Tonight god is a DJ
mixing cords for a jumping horde.
in the land of strobe lights and fog
worshippers moving their hands to lift this.

Tonight god is a DJ who understands the music of spheres.
he improvises with the zeitgeist of our times.
preparing us for the age of spiritual machines.
programmers make a database of dreams
I need an algorithm to quantify sorrow.

Tonight god is a DJ wearing a thousand faces.
He went on a journey to bring us insan kamil
so we bop our heads to the rhythm of the collective unconscious.

Tonight god is a DJ whose rites led death to spring forth
as we render the flesh and sing.
about the imperative of categories

Tonight god is a DJ who embraces my loving paraclete,
who is a true solider of arete.
Reality, expediency's favourite whore
plays the triangle like a mercenary
so that I can dance for tips from
the motorcade of generosity.

Last night the DJ saved my life.
He synchronized it with terminal strife
Tonight I dance to the beat in my blood.
Tonight I hang my head celebrating sorrow.

Tonight god is a DJ
next door they play 300 variations of kama sutra
I listen to a song about sunflowers from a
long dead, aspiring, gay, bodhisattva.

Tonight god is a DJ who named his synthesizer a clockwork orange.
The crowd chants "Abraxas to that!"
Last night Kelly and I did verse , right now I think of my exwife
and our failed universe.

Listen o muse and sing about the body electric.
A timeless song about the triumph death wins.
I cling to the kaddish of researching
unknown worshippers of Samash
Better men were drive to dipsomania from dealing with life's mundania.

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