Sunday, June 10, 2007

OpenBSD on Sun E450

Well I guess assuming and a quarter will buy you a used cup of coffee & trouble at Pawn America. Back in April when I installed OpenBSD4.0 I found liked its' minimalist footprint even though there were issues getting the latest X11 to work with the Raptor GFX card and the SBUS. That was okay but finding out that there is no multiprocessor support for the Sparc platform was a little bit of a downer. I guess I won't being using the E450 as a test box for work.

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Exospaca said...

It is being worked on, if you get in contact with the developers of the sparc port and the multiprocessor support, you may be of assistance to them. Since they're volunteers, development speed is not particularly rapid, but if you gave them ssh access to the box in question, they may work a little harder.