Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Viewpoint on Vantage Point

Last night I went and saw Vantage Point at the Riverview Theater, it was a good exciting film, the sound effects helped quicken the blood. I think the photography was good, as usual Hollywood delivered. on effects, booming guns and horse shit in a eau de cologne doused, velvet box.

The horse shit is made of the following ropy turds.

  • The secret service always has people in the crowd who are watching everything that goes on.
  • Generally the people in charge of guarding POTUS will reserve a whole hotel not just a floor and will have multiple
  • The SS already will know all the folks that are on the security details of other dignitaries at any event that the POTUS will be at so them not knowing the mayor's police guard is a bit surprising. Maybe he really had infiltrated the cordon and that is why they were so suspicious of him.

Even though I enjoyed the film I thought it was funny that the attackers had no problem launching bombs that would kill many anti GWOT protesters but trembled at hitting a little girl in their speeding ambulance.

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