Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Bonus Army & Battle Fatigue

I got done reading The Bonus Army. It was good reading and I might talk about it more. I was not surprised to learn that the leaders of elite universities were against the GI bill since it would encourage the wrong type of people to want to goto the Ivvies. Another thing that I learned is that before he was insubordinate to Harry Truman MacArthur disobeyed Herbert Hoover's direct orders and forced Great War vets away from DC at bayonet point. This action on MacArthur's part probably cost Hoover the election.

Speaking about veterans earlier in the day when I was discussing vetran benefits 7 their costs with someone she told me that one of her interns is getting married to a guy who served more than two tours in Iraq. Her fiancee has become a conscientious objector, that did not shock me, what did was that of the forty people that he knew personally who came back from Iraq 30 of them are dead, since they all died state side after being discharged they will most likely not get the death benefits that active duty soldiers get when they are killed.

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