Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunset Over Mount Augustine

One of the things that I like about living in a mountain cabin ten miles from Homer is that you can see the volcanoes around here. I was told by the SO that the one you can see easiest is active, on a really clear day its' possible to see Mount Augustine smoking. The other thing is there are some beautiful sunsets with the sea, the moutains, and the forest are all painted by the light of the eleven o'clock northen sun. There are many beautiful, wild places here and I am already trying to plan a hiking excursion to some of the mountians once I get a boat to take me.

After I read Call of The Wild & Two Against The North I imagined what it would be like to live here, I just hope I get to see a lot of the outdoors. Strange Death wrote about the sameness of the American commercial landscape. If he came here he would find that because of the many hippies and partial randites from the little I have seen of the architecture here its' a mix of; 19th century American homestead school, Native Alaskan design, fishing village chique, and Alpine lodge style. But then again I could be completely wrong since I am not by nature very taken to architetrucal critiques, however buildings are not designed in the same style as Minneapolis or Montgomery.

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