Monday, January 18, 2010

Books I Would Love To See Written

Maybe I will have to try and write this myself sometime or maybe not. BUt I would really enjoy a science fiction novel about archeologists, twenty thousand years from now, searching through the digital archives of the early 21st century and looking at emails, political blog posts, jokes, youtube videos and coming up with theories about trends, literature, social movements and history of that time based on the little information that they have now. This will could be very funny since most historians look at old writings and try and interprete what happened and what the events mean. Unfortunately many primary sources are lost and frequently researchers rely on secondary and tertiary sources. To make it even funnier I would like to have an obscure, kook be considered an authority by the scholars in the future because their writings are the only ones found. Other ideas for this are to have the futuristic text and form critics do the thing on blog posts that were meant as jokes or on the form critics of our time.

My second idea is to have a book about a man who hitchikes to Spain from eastern Nigeria all because he is obbssesd with a picture of a Republican soldier who died during the Spanish civil war. I would love it if it include tales within tales of all the people he encounters on his trip.

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