Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Mysterious Stranger

When I lived in Anchorage I relied on the kindness of strangers to get hundreds of public domain audiobooks. One of the first public domain audiobooks was Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories. As other people have said the title story is very existential, it looks at the flaws of humanity with a great deal of humour and clarity. In some ways its similar to Candide.

Anyhoo while paddling in the sea of interwebs I found a reference to angel called Satan which led me to a a clip in a TV show I had never heard of called The Adventures of Mark Twain. As you can see the we can enjoy the adventures of Satan. The readers for these istorirs are a credit to the whole Librivox community.


Katya said...

Lord Banji,

this is your wifey calling. i'm loving that your are writing again. it's interesting that most of your posts are about alaska even though you are in the land of naija now.



Katya said...


Why have you not been blogging? You know I enjoy reading your thoughts.