Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whipping the Donkey To A Randian Paradise

In a better world blinkered idiots like Megan McArdle, Andy "Bellcurve" Sully, and David "fscking Bobo" Brooks who never let fact drage them away kicking and screaming from their tin foil where they heat their hits Ayn's Amphetamines and Conservatism's crack. The tin foil which is the valueless heterosexual dollar.

In a better world them and Thomas "Moustache of Misunderstanding" Friedman would be working in a strip mall of second hand shoe stores, Dollar Generals, and the Golden Corral is closing because Randy's Roadkill Restop has better food. In a better world these pundits for plutocracy would be selling ad copy at half a cent a word to The Montana Sandwich Board Marketers Association. Occasinoaly they would cough up the cancerous lies that they got from spending a thousand and one nights taking bong hits from toxic fumes of Atlas Shrugged in their pseudorandian sheesha pipes.

In a better world Steve Gilliard who was right about so much would be writing about Obama's America in the pages of Atlantic Monthly. Not dying in some gray fucking hospital that had been disinfected of its healing touch by nonchalance and neglect between incestuous sheets with neoliberalism and neoconservatism in a chemical wedding they gave froth children who wander the streets of earth crying rust! rack! ruin! With bills of attainder signed by GATT and letters of marquee and reprisal authorized by the WTO they sail ships of states bringing low intensity class warfare like the G7 like the G7

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