Friday, December 24, 2010

ALL CAPS For My Jellied SQLed Soul

I have not been able to do anything with my C# project or bash scripts for the past two days my brain has been like jelly when it comes IT which makes Banji sad. To cheer myself up I watched MF Doom/Danger Doom videos which inspired me to write the piece of hack verse about some of my favourite things.

Two MF Doom Imitators walk into a bar.......
After eating peanuts from jars
and talking about state of Monster Island's Czars
they compared rhyming scars

In the heat of arc lights
after much fuss, and a short fight
one sent out a stream of glossolalia in hex
The second pseudoinnovator cleared a cache with expect.
(he needed a place to store the beloved paraclete)

Then under the singing leaves
Deborah consults with a Bible Geek
about the location of the furthest babbling brook,
They need a place to dry the pages of a profane book.
while dancing to the tunes of Apook.
I guess this is no Burroughs material,
unlike his stuff my pages are ethereal

That is why I drove myself to Mexico.
so that I could here I on I's Dead City radio.
chanting "born like this", I wear horns like this.
Walk like a Tool Master of Brainerd
on a pilgrimage to the newest iteration of Hurd
I eat corn and fish, the two of them together are most delish.

The destroyer is here, but never fear
Since they cut down all the Yage
how can they take a gauge
on your bersker rampage?
Are you an archon engaging in a little kayfabe? ;-)

Now hear comes Elijah with his sacred hair on fire
Enoch recites the Babylonian King List for Enkidu who makes a moue
at the 365th, new you
Angel headed hipsters haloed in street lights
pick up the fight against reactionaries
in stalhhelm

All because the Cannon Group gave them a dare!
But this ain't no night of long knives,
or the rebirth of Dr Fibes.

Thats as silly as a mash up of Iggy Pop in The Land That Time Forgot.
The scissors of fate made their cut
to late and now
axis mundi has gone bye.
Louis! Louis! can you ken why?

Mlk holds us in his brass embrace.
Dipping us into the fire of Golgotha
As his Ashera sings us assurances
culled from the best of commercial occurrences
Parnassus on his wheels of steel laughs because
the sacrifices will not bring Carthage into the new age.
He read the entrails of a million snails to pierce the future's veil.
With one eye he peers into infinite night.

I drink rockstars while Carmela's daughter parks cars
The psychopomp on a horse
dances over Nietzsche's corpse
In the meantime King Geedorah walks in,
from looking at 42 views of sin.
With his mouth agape, and knees aquake he
the Germans with street sweepers
the MF Doom praise keepers,
the figments of imagination from many nations
And he asks what video brought about this strange discourse?
And we shout Why ALL CAPS of course!

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