Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh My God! Fela Also Played Rock!

The beginning of Confusion starts with something that sounds like Stereolab's mellow mix of drums, and horns with synthesizers. Then I heard a mix of rhythms that sounded like a dash of the Doors bringing the big beat from Texas Radio

But then ... in the Juju of Kollington & Sunny Ade, that my parents listened to, the same bars were caressed on electric guitars. Some Indian music is so eerie because the beats are familiar, but its all irie. Its funny that Fela's and The Door's keyboarding sounds comes from the same place..

The music is a mellow chill song till the horns blow. The eruption of woodwinds quickens the blood and attacks the heart with its urgency. Then the maestro's big, confident voice, bursts out telling us the meaning of trouble. The voice tells us; "we all know I am larger than life. This is the essence of man, by this riff I conquer, for I make all rhythms new."

And yet despite the power of his songs it was not enough. The Zarathustra of his country who spoke to the new age but we had not killed of the old one instead it got coopted into reaction.

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