Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something Old

This was the first thing that I ever wrote that seemed to be any good to me.

Ponder, Command and Conquer

more signals at eleven
This is an object of type IOConciousStream

I am the invisible man
wandering the land of the ghosts
In triple darkness my cipher is manifest
without a living dharma would there be karma?
I create mad vibes for my tribe

While we ponder, and wander
about creation of our nation
Seeking ethereal simulation
by engaging in random procreation
can you have a sunflower sutra
without the creation of a latin sura?

I get high off seminal earth, the windy word and the cleansing fire.
While you and I verse we can deceive entropy and the hearse

This life is a trial on the truth forsooth none of can escape the noose
And while sipping on crushed grapes I contemplate
Ghandi the Askari sitting under Olumo,
dancing on Pluto and laughing at Profumo.

Well, I init call on PlanB which floats the function,
ActiveMeasures(int p*)
We issue a final call, a clarion to all or if you want
wear the grinning mask and engage in scheming tasks
but remember that the Ghostface Killer and Bobby Digital will overthrow your whole citadel

We close like Ibn Khaldun yelling koom fa ya koom
And voice cries out in the wilderness Iqra! Iqra! Before your doom Ahad laila Ahad !

I am the invisible man surrounded by ghosts and motes
I drop lyrics and rimes to hebephrenics
Integrate with surds and paralleize the new ontogeny

people instill fear in their progeny
due to their own mental dichotomies
we all commit crimes in chasing dimes
heed the word and weed your deeds

Thank you patient reader

Banji Trimegistus, Kassim Ibn Hammed

Don’t make me get all iambic on your pentameter

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