Friday, April 8, 2011

Ciphers for Rowdy Snipers

While the eighty fivers work
Their nine to fivers
Chasing the elusive dreams in the magazines
The poor righteous teachers, those perceiving fivers
Break the ciphers of the spirit snipers

I am the midnight rider
At this time Kelly is dreaming up another mad scheme
To make money off the Internet so that he can ride in a triple beam
Rasan reminisces about the mad science while renewing his license.
Clara has no cares, and Billy got rowdy when the piper said howdy.

Wily like a kufu you know not what we do
Why do you expect the devil to look after you?
But on this moonlit and foggy night as
I cycle through the mist think about what I miss
Look for a bird to hitch

At this hour the three witches cooked up a bitches brew
Macbeth gave in to his overweening ambition
But his grimy deeds killed his sleep made him weep and
Lead to an evil fruition.

I smash the icons with my steel fist
Like Abraham the son of Ham
Destroying the stones of the creators
who were prolific though their ideas were monolithic.

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