Friday, April 8, 2011

Silent Season

The silent season
The ghosts of reason
the unburned weather
makes men clever
the advert is a red alert
feature creep in death's white keep
more junk on the heap
a stack of tools,
buried under a pile of useless fools

The vapor trail
in the hazer's tail
hung up with a five inch nail
a battle for more goods and chattel
I pay the rent with money already spent

Smoke your shitty mahorka
in the dead city of Katorga
In your crooked left eye
I see a mad gleam
are you cooking up another bankrupt scheme?
trying to revive another dead meme?

The death of cool
over an unused spool
two savior's duel
the crowd drools
in the afternoon heat
they found radiance in the cadence
unlike the Seleucid's their eyes are pellucid
from watching god
who sent a bard
down from yard
to lead us to Asgard

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