Friday, April 8, 2011


Scheming theoreticians and unethical logicians
Bamboozle the uninitiated with paradox
And tie eighty fivers in Gordian knots.
Leading astray with sharp cognates
laughing with sly prelates.
Wiping clean hands on bloody napkins
They summon Orpheus to sing

Stalin cooks fifty eight percent of his people in a cannibal stew
.the eloi prattle to the cattle about sacred battles
rantists are discredited as heretics and phantasists
Racing to the greener grass turns the humanity manic and frantic

The stewards make great sales
,quoting Thales and telling the
victims tales about great men, and,
how the march of history is inviolate,
Individual bliss is an unsure precipitate.

The fat man sits under the banyan tree
And laughs with glee
And tells you and me
to bear our doom
without looks of gloom.

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