Friday, April 8, 2011

Mountain Mansch

We are the big headed ones
thick headed, prolific ones
The cranium is in equilibrium
moving from certainty to uncertainty
finding chaos in dynamics
and quantizing the sun, moon and stars
This one he designs a metric for desire,
took the mystery out of fire.

Knowing what others know not
he discovers that abstraction is a distraction
from a reality where imagination is enslaved by nations
imagination is used in the creation of smart duds, scuds
exploding mines that kill wearers of lugz

Should we like Nietsche drown in our sea of troubles
decree the soul is obsolete
and then sell it for less than a moldy antique?
Just remember that all the ubermensch
died in a stinky, shit filled trench

sixty years downwind I still hear stench
The national poet goes into a long kvetch
about stating without a doubt the evil has been wiped out
But look into the hearts of the men, talk to your spiteful friends
as we dance with our dijjns the game is called one man up,
don't worry about your sins.

The small man who looks like a louse
lets out a thunderous shout
so he implements his fiendish plan
jumps from the fire into the pan.

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