Friday, April 8, 2011

In the Alexiad

Went to Yosemite to experience an epiphany
'tho I'm highly rated
my daemon is unsated
what man can fight his 'chi
I can continue to ride one hundred miles to a thousand
As I write on this papyrus
the granite peaks, under my dusty feet weaken Osiris
But me, the vampire cyclist who grapples with Set

Loki is my chaotic aspect
Jumping off the precipice with Ophelia
into the waters of Lethe

In the meantime; try and fast, look to my last
seeking solace by sleeping under the stars
avoiding bars
consulting Mars
Doing yoga with ashuras
while Sun Tzu grins at you
As Apollo and Elegba I take a swigger of liquor
Putting my pedal to the metal
Revealing and deceiving with every word and breath

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