Friday, April 8, 2011


This will not be in a moldy précis
uncovered by dusty scholars using Lexis
maybe it will become part of the world’s lossage
but my words I would next exchange for a messy pottage..

When in an obscure province
Far from his lord and sovereign;
Machiavelli felt himself unable to cope
To prevent ending up dangling on a rope
He sought to return to court
Where he could engage in princely sports,
be a gentleman of scholarly comports.

I fasted for thirty days with Hindu ascetics
However my life is more hectic
I roll with neo-hippies, ex-yippies and those who get trippy.
But just down the block is my other spot
Where the Sufis in kufis meet their groupies.
Placing their souls in danger through their silly wagers
One or two wait for the beep of their pagers.
Our dialectics turn to ethics
But Amin strives to avoid sin
I hope he wins.

While our lives are static
We talk about mathematics
Seeking distraction in abstraction
Experiencing strange reactions while enjoying human interaction.
Logic is a constant topic ,
a long with the three religions Semitic.

All this prevents the bran from going lame
But what is this numbing pain,
am I the only one insane?
Just waiting to go down a western lane.
My folks think I am better off wed
I read this and shake my head

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