Friday, April 8, 2011

Desi Dreams

Before you kill him make him holler
For you the club was worth the forty dollars
Standing in high heels that kill
The dj moves the wheels of steel.
Even though you claim Punjab
People mistake you for A-rab

Your parents schemes about a brokered marriage
Are nixed because of the dude's wack ass carriage.

But what the fuck do I know writing shit in this screed?
My last woman's appetite for destruction was an unending need.
Stoked by something inside her she would constantly feed.
Making enemies every where she peed.

she brought me low like burnt Njal's thrall
and now I drive slow with my homies
while listening to songs about the romies.
But now that its over
I will build a life in the clover.

Before you can ask a question
I apologize for the lengthy digression
That was old timey like three hour movie
with ten minute intermissions.
nowadays all things begin with commercial intercession.

Back to the people who created Chittalong
You were born like this
Into the world where black felt jackets
Are worn by the fantastic.
He has not seen your smile in a while and
In the frozen streets you make out
So that he knows there are no cold feet.
Into the great silence the speakers boom
like the birth of violence.

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