Friday, April 8, 2011


The thoughts run in a cadence
the spark of radiance
is lit intermittently
the profound flows in cycles
being insightful is frightful
it leads to the death of sleep
would make a nonexistent wife weep

food becomes an irritant
frailty an unwelcome presence
the idea seeks the death of self
The mind walks around in a daze
extraneous emotions are repressed,
elation is manifest,
I stand at the door of discovery
eager, to find the ether.
Nothing else matters while I obsess
waiting for the new thing,
the alarm bell to wring

All faces look the same
I pause to remember my last name
I s today Thursday, Wednesday or Friday?
Better look it up on the newspaper stand

After two weeks the energy flags.
Beneath my bright, burning, tired eyes there are bags.
Now is the time for lazy torpor.
I will sleep all day

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