Friday, April 8, 2011

Too Late the Rider Dodges Chaos Attractors

I used to be a night rider,
the two wheels beneath me would spin,
I made sure the rims were trim.
Singing about starving in belly of whale.
Me and myself would be the geek chorus
on those summer nights, I would have a public burning.
With Tom Wait's Blood Money acting as the catalyst
for my private catharsis.

Since that time I am no longer a self photographing dork.
Nowadays instead of the brothers Gracchi I reminisce about Torn and Taxis.
There is no crying for my lot at 36.
Though my heart is full of regret,  I don't want the sleeping dogs to bark.
What is this but another doggerel verse
while I should be planning a monograph on data structures.
and asking art! art! whats the state of the art!

My mind no longer shoots off multiple threads instead
the processes are context switched out and move about.

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