Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Am I

Someone asked me how do I define myself.
I thought about it for a minute and replied in this wise:

Well I consider myself to be a poor righteous teacher
a spiritual prankster.
a constant wanker,
a jaded sage,
a glutton who does not care for mutton
who walks through the valley of death
avoiding the preachers and other hue-man leachers

when i reach the plain of fear maybe my third eye will see the clear
I seek what is real
with a will of steel cos I am full of insan kamil
I seek tales of the travails of those who rode the rails
I like to read about the wobblies and their battles
with the bosses who wanted to gobble the overrated capital

without music, politics, and the the electronic ether
my life would be one long bout of depression with a sliver of repression
all mixed together with a vacuum of obsession.
this would be the most terrible oppression
I think that explains part of how I see myself.

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