Friday, April 8, 2011

Cruelty's Calculus

As we put a glide in our stride,
go down the streets of Verona
oblivious like its ancient owners
cruelty's calculus is derived from the algebra of need
The germ of arrogance created a harvest of bitter seeds
a lingering taste of despair in the air
mingles with the smell of a laissez-faire.

Meanwhile in twilight's last gleaming
at the fork in the road the dusty sacrificial leavenings
meant for the lares whose grimaces now produce barren, nonchalant stares
whereas before with every myopic glare the worshipers would gesticulate, perambulate and wave their fingers in the fetid air.
Now the household gods mumble, grumble and frequently stumble
as they come down from their crossroads perches
and travel in slow fits and lurches to the remains of their somber repast

In the meantime I seek a nice heterai,
ignore the daltroi who speak in blatnoi
about the new orders
to send to Katorga
the zeks, the filthy wrecks.
who as they come to the approaches
appreciate the lives of lowly roaches
again the daltroi speak in blatnoi
and the zeks in the project get no respect.
Instead in Kalyma they expire while wearing shitty attire
the killers of menshevik concentrate in their laager
and try to get more free labor
eventually Irgun is sent to the Shogun

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