Friday, April 8, 2011

Liberty Marches With The People

Liberty marches with the people.
Her bosom is bountiful, her figure full,
Last night her hunger was quenched on cornflakes dipped in patriot's blood.
She has been co-opted ever since Babangida kept the prize.
Nowadays she is content with a little yam pottage.
On the corner, see Liberty taking bribes!
But what do we expect when Justice is blind?

During Tai Solarin's failed caliphate she dwelt under Agbara expressway
In those days of street sweepers & roaming night soil keepers
Liberty only had a chipped enamel cup,
they said she only fucked around with area boys and touts.
To those unemployed louts she took the form of her twin sister,
the succubus named Dream Stealer.

Makanki carried Maitasini on a rusted shield when they on a conquest of bread.
There is no Paris commune,
see the mobile police with their speakers chanting
body moving, body moving
tear gas screams are so soothing
our water cannons killed the next Frantz Fanon.
Our nylon bag teams uprooted Yggdrasil
even Loki cannot get out of this tough spot”

I see liberty marching with the people
today she has a wutang tattoo from her beau.
Her tee shirt says obey the antidistestablishment.
The liitle drummer boy now raps through a loudspeaker.
See Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz whispering to the tight pursed innkeeper
A petite bourgeois in his, dockers, and keds carries an ikea spread,
the fish wife questions pree teen asks them for the shibboleth of dreams.
As liberty marches with the people she becomes the world tree whose roots are you and me.

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