Friday, April 8, 2011


I ride past Franklin
Seward is now leeward
This is the block where Ali and Aki lived
I ride by their old home with a sigh in my heart
Smiling I reminisce, they needed a brand new start
The streets are the same, the buildings are early 20th century plain
How times have changed.

We were all so young
my experiences were brave and new
setting on a voyage of discovery now I look for recovery
the grey yesterdays look sunny today
A remembrance of things past
old friends whose faces remain
their names are faded, forgotten stains
There was they guy I knew in '92.
with his MBA he was cool,
he traveled in Asia maybe even Istanbul
but it was a year of recession for fresh grads a great depression

In the old albums their faces make the mind reopen dusty cases
to find all the papers lost in the shuffle,
all collected in one great bundle
my inner voice answers with a great silence:
Kumar who taught me how to drive a car
Mai who filled my heart with doubt and angst
Musa the commie who was ultracool
There is still Brian with who I still chill,
Tom Magnuson when will we again talk about quiche?

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