Friday, April 8, 2011

Ogbanje (Happy 30th Birthday!) :-)

As the universe rotates
a Brahms symphony plays in the background while I meditate.
Give homage to the selves which are no more
The ogbanjes that returned to the land of before
Look! My old daimons just walked out the door!
Leaving behind a trail of atomic particulates,
the muons, protons, electrons and bosons
have all been replaced.
But there remains one cell which still oscillates!

So now that I am on a different dimensional gradient
how can I give the same name to the ones that are late?
Ifrits bathe my feet as I wrestle with my chi'
and we journey to the land of Osiris
at the crossroads where the willows weep over the slaying of Hiram Abiff
triple breasted Inanna sings a dirge to Gilgamesh,
the warrior defeated in his sleep.

Born under the Dioscourii, being of three minds,
ascending like a phoenix
dying triumphant at the zenith.
Thrice majestic, laughing at the tragic farce.
Born in the east traveling to a land where we fight for peace

I choose not to bow to Obatala,
left Sango a while ago,
drank from the well of Santeria,
Stood by the river with the deadly Yale
Sang an elegy for Elegba in a hidden vale
Loki the bored trickster became malicious
He caused the fall of Asgard, brought death to the righteous.
His construction of destruction lead Odin to kill without compunction.

Avoiding and seeking Jagua Nana
Solon never visited Ijekun-Yemoja
So why did Athens send bronze greaved soldiers
Wearing stove pipe hats, on ships full of rats?

The helots on Pelops goto sankofa
Leaving the men of rope to cope
with their perfidious notes that make the greeks weep
As they reap the fruit of the sinister miasma
Traveling from Laconia
spreading an Argive cancer.

Deeds and needs are never parsed
Syntax is not fantastic.
My dark horse is in anguish
cos like Prometheus bound my semantics languish
chained to a ball of clay
all I do is stalk with the feet of prey.

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