Friday, April 8, 2011


I'll take Bombay the Hardway
if you will give up the quest for bread.
I now dwell in a land of subprime LATAs
where the battle of carnival lent was suppressed
here the pigs chant mo lu e before they kill and go

The archpoet was no jude Obscure
At my last party I was moaning o this modern world
full of techno, terror, free love,
where ipods uniote and mp3s fight.

in our kampf against god and state
hierachy is the mother of all enemies
caught between the rock and enoch
I pull out the sign of drawing restraint 9

you will not find this in daily sketch
or written as a column advocating peace in the concord
the streets are always raucous when the horns blow
on the flowing achabas

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