Friday, April 8, 2011


I wake up in blurry, slurry haze.
Everything around me is as darker than deep space.
More empty than the void between the most distant galaxies.
This place is more remote than the earth's boiling core.

Am I floating face down?
Standing upside down?
Which direction is north by north west?
Am I now a being of pure intellect?
Has the body disappeared and left the mind at rest?
Is rest or infinite motion?
Remember the first law of mechanics, Newtonian!
But what is infinity in a place where time never exists.
Here no matter how you search there is no delta T in the mists.

Then as I become self aware
I return to me and remember the past.
Like orphic cultists in the land of the dead,
the true believers, the mystery seekers
who remember the life they lead.

Yes I recall, I am in my office.
Lying on the carpeted, cement floor.
It was Thursday, at one am, I was reading about computer deadlocks,
race conditions, and modern multitasking.
There air had become fetid, and stale.
I ad lain down on the floor for a brief rest.
I guess the power saving light plunged me into darkness.

What time is it?
Has the sun risen in the east?
I look at my luminous, diving watch.
The hands indicate it is ten minutes past two o'clock.
Time to get up!

Up I spring!
The lights are undimmed!
The computer's calender shows morn is yet to spring!
It is time to do more work.

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