Friday, April 8, 2011


The earth is my noose
seeking a life 450 absolute proof
Want to surf the universe as a light wave,
a photon traveling past Alpha Centauri.
Not existing as an eater of calamari.

Become abstract
Live beyond facts
One day I will play with ampax
while leaving my shit on wax.
But before then I look for open mic nights
standing under klieg lights
experiencing stage fright
Speaking in tunes in a smoky coffee room
But as I step into the arena
I will be brave and ignore any catcalling knaves.

Sailing a gravity wave
to th dawn of a new age
My board is a chaos attractor
it takes me to where macro and micro fracture

Immeasurable when I am measured
with structure in my destructure.
More basic than masers,
existing in the plane of phasors

But when the signal returns to zero
I go back to Asia from where I came.
Visit my home where the drums sing praise names
the wearers of agbadas rest their cellys on rotund bellies
They shy away and yell “fie!” at the dusty dadas
who recite the chants of the rastas
And in recompense get looks of scorn.

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